When Should a Conductibility Review Be Performed?

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A conductibility review will be performed at some time during every construction project.  The best time to perform one is during the design process, the earlier the better when changes may easily be made.

Conductibility reviews performed during a design are performed by a construction specialist that has actually constructed a project like or similar to the one that is being designed.  Designers, often with minimal construction experience, conceive designs that seem appropriate but overlook significant elements that may not be construable.  These oversights would be readily apparent to an experienced construction specialist and are the things of which problems during bidding or claims during construction are made.  These can be easily overcome with a conductibility review, the earlier in the design the better, but certainly before the project is advertised for bidding.  Projects that are put out to bid with constructability issues will result at best, in questions during bidding requiring addenda or at worst, claims during construction. The following considerations may be helpful regarding conductibility reviews:

  • Construction contractors are frequently willing to review a design and make comments as to the conductibility.  Many will provide the review without cost or obligation.
  • It is best to seek a review from a contractor that does not intend to bid on the particular project.  Otherwise, other bidders may protest that the reviewing contractor had an unfair advantage.

Construction Management firms frequently offer this service or may be willing to provide it if requested.  The fee charged for this review is money well spent.

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