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In Determination of Liability, How Are Damages Evaluated?

Liability as addressed herein relates to professional liability.  Liability occurs when the negligent act(s) of an individual or company results in damage or injury to someone else.  Two essential elements necessary for liability to exist are: 1. Damages 2. Negligence...

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How Should Shop Drawing Reviews be Managed?

Shop Drawing Review Management is a crucial element of the design process that begins well before bids are received.  Agreement between the Client and Consultant is essential regarding the role of shop drawings in the construction process, the Consultant’s role, and...

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How Can Overdue Accounts Receivables be Minimized?

Accounts Receivable management is critical to the Consultant’s financial well being.  Sometimes, when a Client isn’t paying its invoices on time, it can be “the canary in the coal mine”.  While most Clients start out with good intentions of paying invoices in...

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Why is a Construction Contingency Fund Needed?

Construction Contingency Fund is established to facilitate management of costs related to changes that occur during construction.  Rarely are projects constructed without any change, almost all of which involve an increase in the contract price.  Experienced and...

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