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What is Contractor Proposed Value Engineering

Contractor-Proposed Value Engineering occurs when by changing its materials, means, methods, or schedule, a contractor can offer “Value Engineering” cost savings that it will share with the Client.  The Consultant of Record will likely be asked to review the proposed...

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What Are Insurance Certificates?

Insurance Certificates are provided by the insurance broker to verify that the contract insurance requirements will be met.  Contracts usually require that the certificate state that the certificate holder (Client) be notified by a specified number of days prior to...

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Who is Allowed to Sign a Contract?

Contract Signatory Requirements addresses the person signing the contract having authority to sign and thereby bind the entity entering the contract.  Some Clients require a letter from the Corporate Secretary, bearing the corporate seal, stating that the person...

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What Are Common Terms Regarding How Consultants are Paid?

Basis of Payment describes the method to be used to calculate the amount of money or fee owed to the Consultant.  The following is a partial list of payment types in common use: Lump Sum – This method of payment stipulates that for a specific SOW, the Client will pay...

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