What’s the Quickest Way to Learn How to Manage Projects and Design Services Contracts?

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Project Managers are almost always involved in developing and managing their design services contracts and then managing their projects.  The two operations frequently overlap during the execution of the design.  Learning these skills has traditionally been accomplished with an on-the-job-training  process that occurs gradually over time and can be a slow, costly, and often painful process.

To give young design professionals a head start in this process and provide experienced ones immediate improvement in efficiency, I wrote a book entitled “A Guide To Managing Engineering and Architectural Design Services Contracts – What Every Project Manager Needs to Know.”  The book draws from my half-century of experience as a Project Manager.

The information found in the book has the following unique and beneficial features:

  • Contains over fifty topics arranged in the order in which projects normally proceed.
  • Begins with being selected for a project and runs through preparation of record documents at the end.
  • Contains a Table of Contents that allows the reader to return later and easily find information on a specific topic.
  • Contains twelve sample exhibits for efficient implementation of the principles presented in the book.
  • Can be read cover-to-cover in about two hours.
  • Is reasonably priced at $9.95 for the e-book version, $19.95 for the printed version, and $30.00 for the audiobook.

Please visit my website https://loweconsultingllc.com/. You will find lots of information that I believe will be beneficial to you in your design professional practice.  Links to where  you may purchase a copy of the book are available on the “Book” tab.

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A book entitled “A Guide to Managing Engineering and Architectural Design Services Contracts – What Every Project Manager Needs to Know” is available to assist design professionals in managing their professional services contracts.

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