How Should Shop Drawing Reviews be Managed?

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Shop Drawing Review Management is a crucial element of the design process that begins well before bids are received.  Agreement between the Client and Consultant is essential regarding the role of shop drawings in the construction process, the Consultant’s role, and how the review of shop drawings is to be managed.  The following address some of the considerations in this regard:

  • Reach agreement with the Client regarding the purpose and limitations of shop drawing review by the Consultant.
  • Reach agreement with the Client that clearly defines the process that will be used for the review of shop drawings, especially the time allowed for shop drawing review.
  • Identify those construction elements for which shop drawings are to be submitted and which are not.  Exclude review of the Contractor’s means, methods, sequences, or temporary construction items.
  • Obtain agreement from Client regarding the content of the Shop Drawing Review Stamp that is to be used.
  • Require in the specifications that the Contractor review the shop drawing prior to submittal and represent that the item meets the requirements of the contract documents.  Require that the Contractor call to the attention of the reviewer those elements in the shop drawing submittals that do not comply with the requirements of the contract documents.
  • Require in the specifications that a Client-approved Shop Drawing Submittal Schedule be in place before Notice to Proceed is given.  If the schedule contains anomalies that can diminish the effectiveness of the review, require that the schedule be revised and resubmitted.
  • Require in the specifications that shop drawing submittals be numbered sequentially to minimize the probability of having a shop drawing misplaced and unaccounted for.
  • Maintain a Shop Drawing Review Log to keep track of shop drawing submittals.

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