Why is an Issues Tracking Log Important?

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Issues Tracking Log – An Issues Tracking Log is a tool used to communicate issues that need to be resolved, identification of the party whose responsibility it is to resolve the issue and the date by which action is required.  While the need for the Issues Tracking Log is in direct proportion to the complexity and duration of a project, preparing and maintaining the Issues Tracking Log is beneficial for any project for the following reasons:

  • Clients expect the Consultant to keep track of the details
  • The Issues Tracking Log reduces the probability of the “I thought you were taking care of that” syndrome
  • The Issues Tracking Log documents how design and construction issues are resolved
  • Losing track of a detail during the design can trigger the “Omissions” part of an “Errors and Omissions” liability claim
  • The Issues Tracking Log reduces the stress created by wondering if something has been forgotten

A  Issues Tracking Log in editable MS Excel is available on my Website.  The date that the form was prepared should be inserted in the “Insert Update Date.”  The Legend shows different type fonts that can be used to differentiate between whether the issue is a prior issue that has not been resolved (plain font), a new issue (bold font), or an issue that has been resolved and closed (screened font).


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