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Why is Telephone Call Documentation Important?

Documentation of the design and construction process is something that is not terribly hard to do but it seems to be equally as easy not to do.  In the rush of business, so many things seem self-evident at the time and their documentation seems almost superfluous. ...

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What Are Some Permitting Pitfalls?

Permitting involves the Consultant assisting the Client in obtaining permission from a regulatory agency to construct a project.  Of the three main causes of schedule disruption, underground utilities discovered late in the process, unexpected geotechnical conditions,...

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How Should Information Recieved at Meetings be Documented?

Meeting Summary/Minutes document information communicated at meetings.   This documentation may well be one of the most important elements in expectation management.  Direction from the Client as well as decisions regarding various design elements are often made...

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What is the Value of Having a Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda or the absence thereof, is the single most important determinant of the effectiveness of a meeting.  The following are suggested guidelines regarding meeting agendas: To improve the probability of accomplishing the purpose of a meeting, as a minimum, a...

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