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When Should a Conductibility Review Be Performed?

A conductibility review will be performed at some time during every construction project.  The best time to perform one is during the design process, the earlier the better when changes may easily be made. Conductibility reviews performed during a design are performed...

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Who is Responsible for the Preparation of a QA/QC Plan?

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan (QA/QC Plan) is prepared by the Consultant and submitted to the Client for review.  The Quality Assurance plan describes how the Consultant will verify that the Quality Control Plan is being followed.  The Quality Control plan...

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Why is Documentation of Site Photography Critical?

Site photography documents the condition of the site before, during, and after construction and provides useful information to those involved in the design process. Insufficient documentation of site photography can greatly reduce its value.  Many Consultants find a...

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Why is an Issues Tracking Log Important?

Issues Tracking Log – An Issues Tracking Log is a tool used to communicate issues that need to be resolved, identification of the party whose responsibility it is to resolve the issue and the date by which action is required.  While the need for the Issues Tracking...

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